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Governance and Policy ResourcesResearch, guidance and services for effective school board governance

Top 10 reasons to use a governance consultant

  • Improved board operations
  • Effective transitions in leadership
  • Sustained positive culture and practice
  • Commitment to mutually supportive roles
  • More effective deliberations and meetings
  • Strengthened board leadership and decisions
  • Mission-focused decisions
  • Resources aligned to priorities
  • Engaged and supportive community
  • Evidence of accountability

Top services

  • Governance retreat
  • District mission and values
  • District priorities and goal setting
  • Board goals and self-evaluation
  • Superintendent evaluation
  • Public engagement/community forums
  • Board’s role and strategies in program improvement

Governance Consulting Services provides a range of workshops to support your district. Since every district’s needs are unique, the training for each governance team is different. Consultants work closely with the board and superintendent to prepare a workshop specific to the districts goals and interests.

Schedule a workshop

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CSBA recommends 4-6 week lead time to allow for team scheduling, governance team interviews and workshop design.