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CSBA’s Electronic Board Self-Evaluation provides an online assessment tool enabling board governance teams to step back and assess their effectiveness in meeting core responsibilities. After each board member and superintendent complete the evaluation individually, a full report of the results will be provided, often revealing a range of perceptions regarding the governance team’s performance.

The Electronic Board Self-Evaluation tool was developed through collaborative efforts between board members across the state and field experts with more than 30 years experience providing guidance to school boards. Each of the characteristics to which the board and governance team will be evaluated has been purposefully chosen to provide insights to the board in order to inform and drive improvement. The evaluation is divided into two parts. Part one consists of questions regarding the conditions of effective governance. Part two contains questions that address the board’s five major responsibilities.Learn more about the components of each part of this assessment.

Cost:  $200 per governance team. The fee is waived if the evaluation is incorporated into a Governance Consulting workshop.

Contact us to sign up and get started. Once you have been given access, you may begin your assessment here.

Board Self-Evaluation Toolkit

A hard-copy Board Self-Evaluation Toolkit is available to order if your board prefers to perform an evaluation manually and compile the results on your own. This toolkit can be used by board members to assess their collective performance against CSBA's Professional Governance Standards. It can be used by boards with or without outside assistance, and is designed to help boards have productive, collegial conversations about what they are doing well and areas in which they can improve. You can order the Board Self-Evaluation Tool Kit by completing this form and submitting it by fax.